The Narrators of “Terms of Engagement”

Along with a book and ebook, Terms of Engagement: Stories of the Father and Son is an audiobook.

All the stories but one are narrated by individual storytellers that include: Adam Grupper, George Guidall, Fred Berman, Rick Adamson, Geoffrey Cantor, Louis Butelli and David Ledoux. The multi-cast story includes: Edoardo Ballerini, Josh Hurley, Dan Bittner, Hillary Huber, and Scott Brick.

I’m privileged to have worked with these incredible storytellers, and cannot thank each of them enough for bringing their talent, passion and commitment to these stories, and also for their patience with a director who heard every syllable in his head and yet thought throughout their narration, really, so that’s how they hear it. Oh, yeah, wow, that’s really good.

As a writer, I was not surprised that the feelings embedded in my words, feelings that I take so very seriously, know so intimately, were expressed by these narrators—who are not me, who cannot draw upon my experience—as if they were me. I was reminded throughout that these narrators possess an identity that qualifies them to create a performance that makes me feel as if they lived inside me my whole life: they are actors. And I think, to have had these actors in particular: how lucky can a writer get.


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